Identity: Self & Society

Ever wondered what is the reason behind so many stars in the universe, I mean they are not there just for show off right? Jupiter bragging about its size and Earth being proud of being the only known place for life, although it has nothing to do with today’s topic, I am just saying it. It doesn’t make sense? Why would I say something that I don’t want to say? Senseless it may seem, we are doing it daily in our lives, doing things that we don’t want to do, saying things we don’t want to say and acting upon something we are not. Now many of you might believe that you are doing what you want to do but that’s not that easy. To know what we actually want, we have to know ourselves and the identity of a person is actually much complex than any code or math problems combined. It has been a philosophical doctrine since humans first started to think and an unsolved mystery for artist to philosopher thinkers, so I won’t go much deeper in it. Although I will make you understand that what you think you are doing by your own will is not actually your will at all, you are being influenced all the time. Its complex so once you know, you can’t not know, so those of you, who want a simple life, don’t read ahead. Instead go and watch POGO.

I have always thought that why great people who thought to make this world a better place always and always opposed the society. From Socrates of the old ages to an activist of the modern age, those who want the better of others, always oppose. The more I thought, the more I realized that it wasn’t because of the bad governance or it wasn’t just to gain attention being rebellious. They always opposed the ideology of imprisoning an individual’s identity and the transformation of humans into puppets.

Even before we are born, inside the inbox of two loving mates, we are discussed, if a boy than this and if a girl than this. Hmm. And after we are born, it’s a total disaster. From a simple traditional thing done after birth to the funeral of a person, we are constantly and constantly being forged by our reference group (people whose opinions matter to us) and society as a whole. And to top it off, every person have different life experiences, it’s totally contextual and relevant to an individual. That is the reason even under the same roof; two identical twins have different personalities. Just by observing keenly, one can realize how and where they are being influenced. Now, if you say that you can just go against what you have been told to do but unfortunately still you are not doing what you yourself want to. It would still be the reverse impact of what they want you to do. From a fashion trend to simply wanting to eat an ice cream just because you are not allowed to eat one, we are really bound in the societal trap of do’s and don’ts.

It may seem extremely hard or even impossible to actually find yourself in the ocean of people. But it’s important to do so. Trust me on this; you don’t want to die being someone you are not. Now instead of searching of Google on “how to know yourself better”, I would recommend spend time with yourself. The first aspect of our identity is being a human, so understand that human aspect in yourself and try to realize what you are aside from what the world made you. Forget everything you learned and forget everything you are about to. Be the clean slate that you were from the start. Go to the beginning of your being, only than you’ll realize who you are and only than you can do what you want to do.

It’s Jabir… See you around.

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