Let’s see, I will die one day. It can be today, tomorrow, day after that or 100 years after that. No matter when, one day, I will die and cease to exist in this world. Time waits for no one and it marches towards inevitable death, inevitable. Scary isn’t it? Horrifying and really creepy to think that no matter what we do, it’s pointless because it will end one day. All the things you will know, all the things you will achieve, I mean what’s the point right. You can justify by saying that at least you want to live comfortably till you die right, well then, welcome to the illusion of life then, because there is no comfort in the endless stream of the fight to survive. The only comfort we can find is hope, which is again really really controversial.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s not an article where there is hopelessness and despair and I talk about how wrong the society is. It’s not about life, it’s about death. When I asked people about death, some of them didn’t answer with fear, other said that its freedom, it’s returning to where you belonged, and some argued its satisfaction and some said that it’s the end. While everyone has their own definition of it, what death in its essence aside from its meaning that comes with pleasures and despairs of life? Let’s see death from a different aspect and view that is not associated with anything and is independent in its existence.
Death is unknown, yes, what you expected from a living person to define it. Unless we die and experience it, it’s unknown and that’s why people are scared of it. Because we don’t know what comes next. That’s how it scares the hell out of someone and that’s how we struggle to survive every day. We all have our own definition parallel to our experience our vision and that’s what we give definition to things around us but that’s not the point, the actual thing to ask our self is that is it really OK to be afraid of it? We say it’s freedom because we are tired of this shitty life, we say it’s the end because we don’t know what comes next and we relate it with supernatural because that satisfies us to some extent and we can’t seem to find a better answer. But seriously, why get scared of it. Are you scared of marriage? Are you scared of childbirth? Are you scared to get a job or whatever that’s going on in this life? If yes then you scaredy-cat but if you are excited to get a job, have a family and start a life, then death shouldn’t be an issue to you because it’s another one of the life events like before. We all have seen old people in the movies saying ‘they are ready to die now’ or something like that because when we are old, we accept the reality and face what’s to come but why not accept it before. Why live our whole life in fear of something that is inevitable. That’s why we mess up things and literally destroy our present when in actual, we can go smoothly enjoying every moment.
Death should not have any definition, it shouldn’t be freedom or satisfaction, it should stay unknown because the anonymity is what that defines death. Until then, I would say that pick up your magical broom, say abra ca dabra and fly into the infinite loop of life that keeps coming on and on.

It’s Jabir….. See you around.

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