The Overwhelming Negativity: Balance

Starting out a perfect morning with perfect breakfast, I set out to the most satisfying weather I can think of, warm sun-rays gently loving your skin with its touch, cold breeze kissing you throughout the way and refreshing smell of life surrounding everything else. I couldn’t be happier, UNTIL a car literally flew past me with flash’s speed. I could’ve died getting under that beast, I started screaming at them and the whole way, I was frustrated and angered by what happened. That literally ruined my whole day. I wonder why?
The intensity of something bad is seen to overwhelm the goodness we experience and quoting Sania Hassan “This is everywhere and with everyone.” Almost everyone, with some exceptions, overlook the goodness when they experience something bad. The negative feelings seem to look so strong that no matter how strong the bond is, it breaks and even if it survives, it leaves a scar which stays there forever. You love someone your entire life and just one mistake and they are gone. Your day is going perfectly fine and just one person ruins it for you. I always wondered, is it really fair to devalue love and happiness like this and let the negativity get us for good?
The world is synchronized combination of Yin and Yang. What I mean by that is if there is good, then there must be bad. If there is 50% chances of success then there must be 50% chances of failure too. This is how this world balances itself and it is Perfection in its real sense. People misinterpret Perfection with being totally right, without any faults and negativity but it’s not true. Perfection is about making mistakes, it is about falling and getting up. It’s not 100% positive; it is 50% positive and 50% negative. That is why; it is always OK to cry, to feel down time to time, to take a break, to not be OK. It’s OK.
On the other hand, we have conditioned our happiness and trapped it in our own handmade barriers. That’s why we refuse to be happy outside the conditioned we have set to happiness and if even for one second, something else happens, we are drowned in despair and uneasiness. And I will say it again and again that it’s not fair. If 10 good things happened to you then you shouldn’t feel bad about the 1 thing that hurts you. Unless the number crosses 10, you aren’t supposed to welcome despair. Because that’s how we lose ourselves, that’s how we lose our loved ones and that’s how we become lost.
The “always happy” is an illusion, and sadness isn’t that bad either. We have given wrong meanings to the order of nature and have limited our capabilities as a result. The balance is the only thing that can create harmony, may it be the outside world or the world that lives inside you. Have balance.

It’s Jabir…See you around.

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