Chance to Win $200,000 USD: 2021 Call for Code (@CallforCode) Global Challenge #WorldEnvironmentDay #ClimateChange — Ismailimail

Through the Call for Code initiative, you have the opportunity to build and contribute to sustainable, open source technology projects that address social and humanitarian issues. Call for Code is different from other tech for good initiatives in that top solutions are deployed to make a demonstrable difference in the communities with greatest need. Source: […] […]

The Soul-less Body

Children; known to be the future generation, known to play and learn and make silly mistakes and fight with siblings and cry wanting some toys and dream to become pilot and fly above the wide sky while her mother waves at her. Yes, children are them; age doesn’t matter to be a child. All that […]

Rethinking the word Cancer

We might be afraid of monsters and dark forces, might being COVID positive scares the hell out of us for now and stress (depression and anxiety) might bury us deep into our negative emotions but there is one thing that we don’t want to face no matter what pandemic it is or which condition we […]

The Ismaili Imams: A Biographical History by Farhad Daftary

Dr Farhad Daftary, Co-Director of The Institute of Ismaili Studies and, since 1992, Head of the Department of Academic Research and Publications is a leading authority on Shi’i studies, and particularly its Ismaili tradition. In this revealing interview, he speaks about what motivated him to write “The Ismaili Imams: A Biographical History” – the first […]


Sitting inside my room, I started walking on the beach with cold breeze of the sea bringing the stories of Stormy nights and calming day. Then I started climbing the mountain that breaks the strongest soul with it’s might. At the peak of that mountain, I saw a house. I wandered into the gardens and […]

Eid Mubarak

The patience, tolerance, Endurance, forbearance, Gave a gift, A gift, promised In the form of Eid Eid, Mubarak. It’s Jabir… See you around. If you enjoyed this post don’t forget to like, follow, share and comment! Enjoyed this post? Then follow me on social media: Twitter Instagram Facebook Medium Pinterest

To The Friend Who Was Alive

Hey, it’s Jibran. It’s been such a long time since you left. I haven’t spoken to you ever since so I was kind of missing you. Sorry for not going with you to the shop I hope you will forgive me. It still haunts me that how you were flashing around a day before and […]

بنتِ حوا (Women)

حسنِ بے مثال ہوں میں عورت ہوں، کمال ہوں میں I am unparalleled beautyI am a woman, I am perfect مجھے مت کرنا بند کمرے میں آسماں سا وشال ہوں میں Don’t put me in a closed roomI am as big as the sky عورت ہوں، کمال ہوں میں I am a woman, I am […]

His Ego and Her Suffering (Guest Post)

Introduction of the writer Shafiq Ahmad Writer, Poet, MS Scholar Peace and Conflict Studies, Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Peshawar. Story She said that love is blind because love hacks our rationale and we can’t see things in the right way. We are falling in the ocean of emotions by placing ourselves […]