With happy smiles and joyful laugh
With calm soul and restful mind
With love that satisfies to the core
With peace, that makes you live some more
With prayers granted and wish fulfilled
With good going to better and best
With reaching your Life’s ambition
With your soul’s salvation
With the gentle kiss of your loved ones
With hugs and pats and careful touch
With your heart’s beating
And life’s dreaming
Comes horror that wakes you up at night
That stops your breathing for a while
Comes scream and push and misery and fight
Thinking you’re the one who’s only right
Your dreams start shattering in your eyes
Your hope is crushed by your love
With bad getting worse
With hideous curse
With pain and burden in your chest
With disastrous calamity in your mind
Comes life, that gets all messy
Comes restlessness and pity
Comes tears, filled with deep sorrow
Comes voice, that says the darkest words
Coz life is not all cakes and rainbows
With joy, comes despair, that follows
That’s how we get balance in world
That’s how, we get balance, in world

It’s Jabir….. See you around.

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