The Light

The light that shines upon the heaven
Will shine brightly in the hearts
The hearts of those who have taken
Steps to know the truth that lasts

Knowledge is God, God Himself a knowledge
Love is truth, the truth you must find
To seek Him you must take the pledge
The pledge to love every humankind

Don’t get Despaired if you get lost
If humans get angry, filthy and fraud
Remember there’s always love in the heart
And humans? Even a monster has a heart

Signs that’ll shine like a diamond in the light
A light in your life that’ll show you the truth
Hold on, hold on and hold on so tight
God Himself will pull you up saying ‘everything’s alright’

When you’ll find the light, don’t let it go in vain
Spread the words to those, who deserves “the pain”,
Those will carry the light through the dark cave
They’ll become the legends, hopeful and brave

It’s Jabir… See you around.


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