Lies Lies Everywhere

Lies lies everywhere
Truth now has been so rare
Trust is just a word to lie
Lie in an open widely sky

Fall in love with me or die
That’s your punishment for expecting high
Love is a word for self-satisfaction
Limit your abilities, flowing with emotion

You will be remembered when the night will fall
When beggars will crawl
When your known will take you for grant
When unknown will help you stand

Fish can’t fly, Birds can’t swim
Don’t expect so high, This world is full of fake film
Strangers, family or my peer
Lies lies everywhere

Fake words spoken and trustful silence
Make this world with peace not violence
Hell is not that much far away
Once the devil caught up, you won’t get away

It’s Jabir… See you around.


  1. I think you represented a too gloomy picture of the world ,,, this world is still a better place to live …šŸ˜
    (Its just what I think, #nooffence )

    Liked by 1 person

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