The brother of my burden; shared

I looked upon the mighty sky

I saw the birds, I saw them fly

I saw their working, saw their love

I saw their caring, all above

I saw them cheering in the rain

I saw them sharing all the pain

I see the nature, love and pure

But who can see what I endure

They say it’s me, supreme creature

Where is it, humane pleasure?

When I first learn to walk and jump

They took me to a place that you call dump

They say “it’s your heaven”, I feel hell

I start the work, without hearing any bell

They say that all the waste come here

I feel waste too, every time I appear

The way back home, I see the alien

Nice, in harmony, pure and clean

Like us, but different and far

I wondered who they really are

They said they’re student, our future generation

I wondered myself, am I deception

They read and write, they learn and play

A B C D what they say

I can only watch them from far below

The difference in our life, is that so

I heard too, they don’t get sick

Are they that favorites God pick

Don’t they’ve bodies just like us?

Or do they drink and eat surplus?

Do angels care for them in day?

Do innocent sing for them and pray?

If not then why it’s me who’s ill?

All the pain, upon whose will?

It’s me who dies in streets like rats

Are we really humans or bunch of gnats?

I wonder what it feels to be

To read and write A B C

To eat warm food, to sleep in bed

Start morning with tea, and slice of bread

To get love and care

Not work and fear

I wonder how it feels, to be care-free

I bet no one wants to be like me

It’s Jabir… See you around.


  1. very well-written, the disparity in the quality of lives of the wealthy and the wretched has been composed in a very plain and elegant style.

    Liked by 1 person

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