Welcome to the mind of Jabir

Life, an adventure, a beautiful journey for some and horrible dream for others. I have been thinking lately that what makes this life so interesting, is it our free will? The decisions we make or the God gifted talent that makes us love our life. Whatever the case is one can surely say “life is interesting”.

My name is Jibran Sharif and I have been surviving in planet Earth for more than 20 years. I am living with my small family of seven people excluding our guests who live in our house more than us. I basically belong from Chitral but I was born in Abbottabad and after a couple of years, we started migrating again. Before my existence, my family had lived in few other cities as well and after I came to being by a natural phenomenon, we traveled through three more cities until we finally settled down in Peshawar.

My life is too busy in community services and engaging with my loved ones trying to make them happy that I barely give time to myself. Still there’s something that I’m really good at is being a total nerd. I can be the nerdiest person not because I’m actually a nerd but because my brothers are bit cooler. (Note: Nerd is a hypernym of learner/scholar)

Every human have something special in them which makes their life worthy and parallel to that, there’s also something that they want to hide for eternity. The thing I want to hide will be hidden but I can write about what makes my life worthy and that’s my way of thinking and seeing things. Everyone thinks and everyone sees but I have a vision that sees everything differently, only if I would’ve had x-ray laser eyes, I’d have taken a place in Justice League. Still aside from that humans do possess some superpowers when it comes to spirituality. Every human being is connected through one soul and when a person walks in the path of spirituality, he starts to see everything around him as one, that may be a blessing to feel everything so deeply but sometimes, it becomes a curse too.

But still, that is something that makes me like myself. Pain and gain process is always running like a beating heart of a live human being. You gain something and you also lose at the same time in order to balance things but the only thing you can lose in spirituality is despair. Happiness is blessing and I’ve had blessings so many times that if I start writing about them I may get short of pages. Happiness came to me in the form of people; gorgeous, handsome, beautiful people that makes the time fly, and my ability of thinking gave me another gift, a gift to write. I may be a good writer and poet or people just exaggerated in order to make use of me, whatever the case is I’m happy with that. Writing is something that I’m really proud of. Well if I see in my bloodline, my father is a poet, my aunt was a poet, my grandmother was a poet and so on, so my pride bows down a bit. But still I am myself not anyone else so I am proud.

It really gave meaning to my life as it is the only thing I can do better. I can’t say much but I can really put all my feelings into words. Well that’s some talent right, as the first president of Muslim League; Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah said that poetry is the “voice of God coming from man’s lips”. Allama Muhammad Iqbal also resembled poetry with prophecy. These great words from great people make me feel so great that I just can’t stop liking myself. I feel like someday I’m going to be a great person too, and sometimes I feel like after 20 years I would still be waiting for that someday.

Just like every other human being I also have some meaning of this life, and realizing that meaning and working to make it perfect is the best achievement I’ve had so far. Everything in this world is so connected that sometimes it gives you good goose bumps but when you realize that this whole systemic universe is controlled by the Ultimate Creator, you feel a bit relaxed and satisfied and with a smile in your face and hope in your heart, you continue with this adventurous journey.

It’s Jabir… See you around.


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