The Loop of right and wrong

I have been always amazed by the concept of righteousness and wrongdoing. They always go side by side with each other like two sides of the same coin, yet they sometimes switch places and right becomes wrong and wrong becomes right. As the politicians do “It really depends on the situation”. But even though the situation constructs the reality of what is good and what is bad, the bigger picture is always left behind. Let’s say a person committed robbery to give food to the hungry family he got. Now who will you blame? That person who committed crime? His family for whom he robbed? The society for not taking better care of the people living in? The Political leaders? Religious Leaders? I mean who is to blame? People can say that there can be a better way to feed your family then stealing. For them I would ask to check the statistical data of how many people in the world die of hunger.

              This thing got more complicated as I watched an interview of Leonard who used to measure love by how much pain he gives. The more the pain, the better the love. He acquired this believe from his stepfather who used to beat him with extension cords, hangers, pieces of woods, and all kinds of stuffs and he would tell Leonard “It hurt me more then you. I only did it because I love you.” It communicated a wrong message and Leonard spent most of his life believing that love is meant to give pain. Now who is responsible for the inhumane treatment of Leonard, he himself? His stepfather? His mother? His family? His peers? The society? At the end, you cannot point finger at one person.

              This not only happens with people who behave rudely or brutally but with everyone else. We target sexual abusers to be the worst kind of creatures but aren’t they the victim of abuse themselves? They were abused and not treated in their childhood hence became abusers themselves. So is it really OK for us to blame them for their act? We target young drug users despite of knowing that they are victims themselves. We look at suicides as people have committed a grave sin but aren’t we the actual sinner to not understanding what our closed ones are going through? When we actually think about it and ask ourselves “who is the victim and who is the suspect?” All we conclude is “silence”.

              Taking everything into consideration, it’s the act not the actor that should be targeted. The loop of being right and wrong has trapped us so hard that we cannot even realize it’s there. Just remember that there is a silence behind a thunder that shouts much more loudly, only if you listen.

It’s Jabir, see you around…

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