The Soul-less Body

Children; known to be the future generation, known to play and learn and make silly mistakes and fight with siblings and cry wanting some toys and dream to become pilot and fly above the wide sky while her mother waves at her. Yes, children are them; age doesn’t matter to be a child. All that matters are those dreams, hope, love and care, bonds… and above all, life. I am 13 years young, a kid that you would expect to do all those things above right, not to cry over her dead parents and her only brother fighting for the freedom of their country, not to search for foods instead of toys, to dream to live for one more day instead of becoming a pilot, to watch cartoons instead of missile attacks destroying their homeland, to sleep on a hard rock instead of her mother’s lap, to ask my father for new things instead of praying for their eternal life. I am not a kid right? Because they live carefree, not in fear of death every time the siren blows. What have I done to deserve all this? Am I not a human being just like any other person? Don’t I deserve to live a free life too? When I was a younger, a cat used to come and steal our food but I hesitated to even throw a stone at her, I used to shoo shoo her and let her go away. I even once put food for her myself so that she can feed her kitties. I can’t even hurt a cat so why is it that my parents were taken away from me? Why my only brother is playing with his life every day? When will I get my answers? Who is going to answer me? Humans! Who are watching my country suffer for more than 70 years and have done nothing, or God! Who says “Be Patient”, but till when? Till my whole brothers and sisters lose their life or till someone hangs my dead body and take picture of it while passing by? All of the people I know are dead, I lost my home during the missile attack, and I eat only one time per day in the courtesy of an unknown person and live the night shelter-less under the long dark sky. People who are reading this are probably sleeping in the bed at night under a well defined ceiling, they’re probably eating until their tummy is full, they are probably dreaming to be someone amazing and definitely have a future they can look forward to. I am jealous of them, jealous of the air they breathe, of the land they walk on, of the sight they see and of the dream they dream. I am jealous, because it’s not something I can ever have. I am a soul-less body waiting to fade away from existence. Yes, that’s what I am. A soul-less body.

Its Jabir… See you around.

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