BOLO (Promotion)

Human society has surpassed the power of human quantity and even mass weapons long time ago, for now we live in an information communication technological society where information holds much more stronger value then weapons, capitals or any kind of force. It’s this information that creates superpowers and guides the society into development. For what I believe, it’s essential in 21st century to be aware of anything and everything but there are two main hurdles that I have observed that disrupts the flow of information. One of that is the authenticity of the information. We have observed rumors and unauthentic information to spread like fire in the recent COVID-19 Pandemic, although finding authentic information is very easy, people don’t seem to access it often. Second hurdle is that we don’t even know about the existence of such information. We aren’t even aware that many things exist within our approach.

Although the only solution to these hurdles may seem personal search, I have found out an amazing site that is working internationally from 2015 serving humanity with respect to the access to information. Its name is SignPost which was created to directly address the needs of immigrants who arrived in Greece with nothing except their phones. It is a great initiative that helps people in many countries get authentic information as soon as possible. This year, it developed another site named ‘Bolo’ that works in Pakistan and deals with any kind of information that you want to know. All you have to do is message them on Facebook Messenger through the website or Facebook and they will respond to your message within 9 am to 9 pm time frame.

Pakistan being a developing country really needed this initiative because mostly Human Rights are violated here and people don’t know what to do. This site will be a guideline for all those in need and will serve prominently in the development of Pakistani society. I really hope people will approach this page and use it to the mean it was created.

To access the website, Click Here
To access the Facebook Page, Click Here
To access SignPost website, click Here

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