To The Friend Who Was Alive

Hey, it’s Jibran. It’s been such a long time since you left. I haven’t spoken to you ever since so I was kind of missing you. Sorry for not going with you to the shop I hope you will forgive me. It still haunts me that how you were flashing around a day before and the next day, you are gone. No more Mr devilish guy, no more irritating people, and no more being into existence, just gone. But its life right… never stops. I too moved on with things, although can’t ever move on to not saying goodbye to you. I still remember our meeting in the couple of dreams, ooh you were so happy. I was so pleased and kind of jealous you know. You were never the religious person, people were always irritated by you, but there you were, at the most peaceful place there could be. I was so pleased to see you there that you can’t imagine bro. You were such a pretty soul. I don’t know if everyone could see, but I saw, the innocence, the helplessness and cuteness that your soul had. Trust me; I have never seen such soul again. Anyways, you are lost, so am I, both lost in their own different worlds. Talking about world, OMG! Man you have to see what this world has become. Dude, I’d give anything now for you to see a glimpse of what has become of this world. Of course you’d die again of laughing after seeing it. For us who live through, it seems normal because we are just passing through time you know, but for those whose time stopped, man if they see this, they’d go crazy. So much to talk man, hopefully you’ll contact me, please contact me. Remembering you like always, you own.

It’s Jabir… See you around.

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