From where she belongs, A separate Universe (Guest Post)

Introduction of the Writer

Born out of the curiosity of Pandora, she is the esthetic writer who wants to see the unseen, know the unknown and listen to what has not been heard. Her name is Rimsha Khan who is a graduate from Aga Khan University and currently pursuing a life there as a dental hygienist. With her unique style of writing, she hopes to find tranquility in the midst of turmoil.

A separate universe, where she is:

Drowning in air
Burning in water
Choking in fire
Diving in volcano
There… From there she belongs-

Where she is as dry as the drop of water
As wet as a particle of sand
As cold as flame
There… From there she belongs-


You pray for happiness and secure feelings
But in my world there is no healing
Never ending pain is what she chose
When once in previous universe she was ordered to rose(birth)

Here everything is upside down
As a rollercoaster in straight form,

Roll your eyes up and look around,
From where you belong?


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