ReThink Mobile Phones

We are living in a world where there is one way to solve everything, may it be a weeping child, a complex homework or just a simple boredom, its mobile phone. Now I believe that there’s no need to explain what a mobile phone is because those who can’t know it have died long time ago. In today’s world, from a 9 years old child to a 99 years old senior, everyone is well aware of this miracle of technology but knowing what it is and actually using it productively and optimizing its efficiency are two different things. We may know that a simple smart phone is more powerful than the computer used in the Apollo 11 (visit to the moon) but we are not well aware on how to use it properly and how to boost up its productivity. It may be power enough but don’t think it’ll actually help you get to the moon. NASA is sensitive about that. But it will definitely make you a better version of yourself if used properly.

Excessive use of anything, may it be love, can be bad for one’s self and mobile phone with complex functions comes with risks. Radiofrequencies (RF) are the base of communication which are electromagnetic radio waves from frequencies ranging from 300 GHz to as low as 9 kHz. Now the exposure to the RF fields emitted by mobile phones is more than 1000 times higher than from base stations. Due to this, a lot of researches were conducted on the impact of the usage of mobile phones. Following are the issues discussed and concluded.

According to International Agency for research on cancer, RF fields are considered to have the potential to cause cancer (glioma and acoustic neuroma). Aside from that, studies have reported changes in brain activity, reaction time and sleep patterns due to the improper use of mobile phones. Studies have also seen a significant amount of increase in mental health issues and relationship related issues, like Nomophobia, Anxiety, Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCT) and sleep disturbance. If phones are used very close to medical devices such as pacemakers or hearing aids etc. they can interfere with their function. Although the risk is reduced with modern technology, there’s still possibility of electromagnetic interference like between aircraft electronics. Research has also showed an increased in Road Traffic Accidents 3-4 times greater when using mobile phone either in hand or through hands-frees. Although we still lack much knowledge of the impact of RF fields on our health, it is without a doubt that due to the popularity of mobile phones, we potentially see a lifetime exposure to health.

Hold on! Don’t throw off your phone just yet. There are good things too you know. Without mobile phones, the world wouldn’t be what it is now. From playing a simple game to completing a degree in an online learning platform, cell phones are full of amazing features. Since our body is the result of six million years of evolution, so we can’t just adjust ourselves with everything yet. It will take time. But humans have the tendency to survive so throwing off the phone isn’t the right thing to do. Instead we can use it in a better way to minimize the effect it is having on us.

Now I know that we can communicate with our loved ones in seconds and stay there for time infinity. But if you miss someone that badly, just reestablish your priorities and meet with them. Avoid long conversations on call and if you really want to, use hands frees or Bluetooth devices. Avoid direct contact with the cell phone as much as you can.

Turn off the cellular data and Wi-Fi when not in use.

Avoid using phone when there are low signals. Cell phones continuously make contact with the base tower so if the signals are low, they use high power radiations to make contact.

Only use original accessories provided by phone manufactures. Avoid using fast chargers unless the manufacturers approve it’s usage to be safe.

If it’s possible then use text message to communicate and make less calls. Sending text messages takes shorter transmission time and safe compared to long conversation.

Do not use cell phone while charging. Mostly phones use lithium ions battery and if misused, their battery life may decrease.

Before going to sleep, try to distance yourself from the phone and if you are not some secret agent, who can be called out anytime for a mission, put your phone in flight mode or turn it off.

Last but not least, keep phones away from children. Children are prone to RF radiations because of their small cute little head. You don’t want to mess it up right.

Mobile phones may have linked with our bodies and minds but it can never link with our soul. We can use it for months continuously without getting tired but before sleeping, take a deep breath and ask yourself, “really?” Our bodies aren’t made for tap tap tap and always looking down. We are the supreme creatures come on have some pride. Give time to your body too. Give time to your mind too. Give time to your soul too. And if it gets possible, go camping once in a while without any technology, just like old school, for minimum a week. Your mind will get refreshed and all the symptoms will fade away. Remember, you are using it. Don’t let it use you.

It’s Jabir… See you around.

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