The Built-in World of Mind

Despite of living in the era of Information Communication Technology, where things that were considered impossible not long ago, have become our daily lifestyle and technology goes beyond our imagination, still there are people who live in their own world. I am not talking about some Pablo Escobar kind of people who actually make their own world; I am referring to everyone living in this world. From a shepherd wandering around in the valley of unknown with a stick in his hands and companions none other than our beloved maa maa maa, to a well-known president advising to inject disinfectants to treat a viral infection, everyone is living in their own spaces. This self-created space is not because of the actual physical world or facilities, it’s because of our approaches and perspectives to see things. Although it may seems like what we have (physical environment we are living and facilities we are availing) may impact our perspectives and it might be true to some minor extent but a nice suit and gold plated watch cannot make a person gentlemen. To be an actual gentleman, (with gentleman I mean a person with global perspective and wide open mind) one have to remove the societal restrains of what’s right and what’s wrong and see things in a global way. Now I have seen people who have lived in places like USA that is well known for their movements for women rights, actually degrade women and constraining them like pets and I have also seen some old guy living far beyond the reach of today’s technology actually giving of some decent advise to manage the international politics without him being aware of what’s going on in the world.

To explain it with an example, let’s say a man is living in his home and spends most of his time living in the four walls without the knowledge of the outside world. Now that person has a very restricted vision and he cannot see behind the walls he has trapped himself. Just like that a person with the knowledge of what’s going on in his community and/or village can only see the good and bad side of his village and/or community. Aside from that he cannot perceive things and solving issues is way beyond his capability. Just like that, there’s a person living in a country, some specific places and then there is a person living in the world. That is someone who is aware of the global news and trends and has a vast variety of knowledge and ways to see things.

The knowledge of where you are living is very important for an individual’s growth. Let’s say a person has a national vision and sees things only between the boundaries of his country, he cannot grow to the extent of growth offered by today’s era. To actually grow and see the wonders of achievement we can have, we have to live globally, see globally, act globally and think globally.

It is intriguing to see the work of human mind and how it can make a person fly in the outer space (yeah flying in the sky is old now) and on the same time, kowtowing another individual (it’s an interesting word, find out the meaning in dictionary). It all depends on what we have entrapped ourselves in. The wonders of human mind have never been understood and I doubt that it can ever be. You just have to dive into the ocean of knowledge and fight with the waves of disparities it brings along, only then you can reach the island known as heaven. Remember, if Bill Gates can, if Steve Jobs can, if Mark Zuckerberg can, then you can too.

It’s Jabir… See you around.

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