Why People Kill Themselves

Why do People kill themselves? Why they take their precious life away. How can someone put an END to life just like that?
This is why
Because no one’s there to feel them
The wounds, that hurt so deep inside
And no one’s there to heal them

How can some one live the day?

When things so precious to them
Are painfully take away

So How can they live the day?

When everyday they’re tortured inside
And haunted down like some prey

How can they live the day?

When their heart hurts yet no medic can cure
When their soul shouts yet no priest can hear

How can they find a way?

When the God’s silent and human says
When the saint’s asleep and sinner prays

How can they find a way?

When the hope itself shatters
And things like love and humanity
And life itself doesn’t matters

Why should one live the day?

I realized, everything’s gonna be gone
So why can’t I leave alone
Everyone’s fraud and everything’s a lie
Isn’t it better to peacefully die
It looks so calm and so much at peace
That no one can hurt you anymore
So, death is more than an option for me
And choice that will set me free

It’s Jabir… See you around.


  1. an excellent poetry that has revealed the reason behind commiting suicide. your thoughts are precious and will surely be helpful for coping with the problem.

    Liked by 1 person

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