Philosophy of Life

Life is an existence circling around again and again into an infinite loop. It is always moving with the flow of nature that creates everything we see, touch, feel or think. Whether it’s time, space, tangible life or abstract thoughts, it creates everything. But this flow is not static. Although it’s an unstoppable force that is not in our control, but the direction through which it flows and tilts is in our hands. It is us who decides whether the disc of life is circling in balance or it is tilted. When it tilts, it loses it’s gripth and continues to an irregular rythm but when it’s in balance, it circles into the rythm of reality, rythm of existential truth and into divinity. It’s that rythm which we have to follow and to follow it, we have to focus on the centre. Always focus on the centre. Life will push us, disintegrate us and lead us to the end of the disc but with our devotion and trust, we have to find the centre and synchronize our rythm with the divine rythm of nature. It doesn’t mean that we should ignore the totality of the disc, no. Every inch of that disc is life, but focusing on the wrong things will make us doom. Only through focusing on the centre and what Is prior, we can find real salvation.

It’s Jabir… See you around.

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