Sitting inside my room, I started walking on the beach with cold breeze of the sea bringing the stories of Stormy nights and calming day. Then I started climbing the mountain that breaks the strongest soul with it’s might. At the peak of that mountain, I saw a house. I wandered into the gardens and forests but no one was around, as though nobody lived there, as though, it was meant for me. Senseless it may be, it is actually possible to happen, with the most strongest weapon of humanity, not magic or wizardry… But ‘imagination’.

Imagination is the ability to bring into mind, things that aren’t present (Sir Ken Robinson). We can predict the future, revisit the past, innovate things and destroy them too. It depends on our creativity that how we use our imagination. We can just recline at our beds overthinking about the bad things happened in our lives and literally abusing the power of imagination OR we can build a world greater then the one we are living in, because human beings aren’t supposed to live at the place the way it is. We invent, discover, evolve and change according to our needs and make the best out of everything and that’s only possible because of our imagination. There was a time where we used to imagine flying and traveling at unimaginable speeds and connecting with each other in unthinkable ways and look where those imagination got us. Now we think of doing the unthinkable, and we will achieve it because if something comes in our mind, it can come into reality.

Our imagination is the one thing that makes us supreme, because we create our own world through it which is not obligated by any rules of physics or any restrictions of nature. It is what we think and we can mold those thinkings into something achievable and reach the heights of success that people only imagined to reach.

It’s Jabir… See you around.

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