His Ego and Her Suffering (Guest Post)

Introduction of the writer

Shafiq Ahmad

Writer, Poet, MS Scholar Peace and Conflict Studies, Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Peshawar.


She said that love is blind because love hacks our rationale and we can’t see things in the right way. We are falling in the ocean of emotions by placing ourselves in a selfless position. She was aggressive because he made her aggressive. She Suffered because he made her suffer. She falled in love with an egoistic guy.

Her friend observed the rhythm of her voice and by reading her imagination. He said that maybe the guy was seeking his perfect form in you or maybe it was the war of two egos. In such conditions one must suffer and one must sacrifice, one must go down in the ‘Grave of Sorrow’ because the one with sorrow is the one that pleases the God and pleases existence.

Suffering is the lord. Without suffering there is no growth. He said that the egoistic form you assume as your beloved is just a piece of matter. Too away from existence and cosmic energy. The one suffering is merciful. They try selflessness and put the ideal in priority. The vacuum of the ideal is our very being.

He said, you are blessed, now grow and explore your existence. You are a beautiful poetry written by God Himself.

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