Be Proud.

I’ve always thought why there are sins
Why things are prohibited
Why they are harmful
Because it’s normal to be
We are humans
Then we must commit sins
We must do wrong
We must hurt others
We must hate
So that we can realize the importance of righteousness
So that we can value the good
So that we can respect and love
Ignorance is the only real sin
Even if u haven’t committed any sins in ur entire life
If u are ignorant about the goodness
Then you are the worst of people
If u commit a sin
It’s ok
Realize it, Accept it, Change it
And be a better version of yourself
If u hate others
Realize it, Accept it
Start seeing the better of people
Start accepting them
Then you’ll find love
No one is perfect
Every one has their own sin
It’s realization that makes us better
It’s acceptance that connects us
And it’s unstoppable growth that makes us perfect
A growth towards better version
A growth that makes us “Ashraf Ul Makhlooq”
Because no other beings can be better then before
They are just who they are
But we are not
We can be masters of our own
We can reach the heights where no others can even think of
We can make the mightiest of angels bow before us
It’s us, humans
Who are the pillars of existence
Don’t think of yourself low
Have pride in being human
But a pride filled with humility and devotion
A pride filled with love and honesty
A pride of accepting and submitting
A pride, not just for the goodness and mightiness you have
But for the sins you commit
Be proud.

It’s Jabir… See you around.

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