Things I Learned from Games (PUBG)

Running alone in the vast forms of terrain; hiding from the empty souls wandering around just like me, killing everyone coming to its way, I missed my fellows yet satisfied that the world will see my wonders. Although alone, I felt that I am living life better than when I was with someone backing me up every time I needed them. Sounds like a zombie apocalypse movie right? Wrong. It’s a well-known; most played and feature rich game in the world that has awakened youngsters all night long; PUBG.

PUBG is an online multiplayer battle royal game developed and published by PUBG Corporations which is controlled by a South Korean video game company called Bluehole. PUBG game was inspired by a Japanese film known as Battle Royale (2000) and the concept and design was led by Brenden Greene. It has been almost 4 years since its release and PUBG has been sold over 70 million times and the mobile version has been downloaded over 600 million times making it one of the top games in the whole world.

Although games have been a real motivation for technological advancements, the world still hasn’t accepted it yet. I cannot disagree with the fact that it has negative impacts on an individual but gaming is also beneficial for individual’s personal growth. I will not be discussing topics like gaming improves the cognitive abilities and problem solving etc., you can search them on Google. Instead this series of things I learned from the Games will be diving deep into the philosophy of life and how gaming taught me things that are much deeper than simple observing facts.

Playing a Battle Royal in PUBG has three categories; Solo, Duo and Squad mode. As the name suggests, in solo; you play alone with 100 different players in a vast map. In duo; you have one more companion and in squad mode; four players will team up and play against the 25 other teams with four members each. Although teaming up with friends are nice and all but sometimes you just want to play a solo. Just like that, I have been playing all modes at different occasions and I was amazed by the change in my performance in each modes. Now it may seem obvious that playing in a squad will have better performance but it was opposite to that. I saw my performance drop significantly when I am playing with a team. The more there are teammates, the more I felt that I wasn’t playing the way I play alone and when I observed things more closely, I realized that it was because of the expectations I have on my teammates. In solo mode, I am alone so if I spot an enemy, I have to face it alone. This loneliness sharpens our senses and we ought to find best ways to eliminate the target safely because once you get a clean head-shot, there’s no reviving back and it’s over. But in duo and squad mode, it’s not like that. Even if there’s a whole squad in front of you, you know that if you get knocked out, you teammates can revive you and you don’t have to fight alone. There are people backing you up. It does sound good to have someone back you up but it does not release your true potential.

It taught me something important. In life, the more dependent you are, the more expectations you will have and the less you will grow as an individual. In life, having someone’s support is really important but we often rely on that support too much until there comes a time when we can’t stand on our own. You surely can start a game again after it’s over, but life is a one-time play. Choose your teammates wisely and have companions that can stand you up if you fall, but don’t depend on them too much. Be the protagonist of your own life.

It’s Jabir… See you around.

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