Thoughts of a Drop

What I feel is peace and love
Faith, what clears my path above
What I feel is joy and grace
Enough to put a smile on my face

What I feel is what I know
Knowledge is enough for one to show
God, prophets and masters of faith
One thing that connects all, a light that’s great

What I know is what I’ve believed
Belief is everything my faith has achieved
Belief is what that gives me light
Against the evil, gives power to fight

Faith in the truth, faith from the core
It makes my soul stronger, mightier from before
I know it’s impossible, at the top I can’t reach
But I’ll be ahead, and the truth is what I preach

My soul is eternal, it’ll live forever
It’ll be a curse to fool, a gift to clever
The clever are those, from the heart they see
They think, they feel, they’ll walk beside me

A drop is my existence, a drop is what I am
The sea, the reality, a place from where I came
The river is what guides my way
Hope I’ll find YOU, hope is my pray


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